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Photo by Josh Wells

 Experimental post-rock geniuses The Definitives combine unassuming yet profound lyricism with charming ocker delivery and way-out instrumental grooves. They perform as a large collective with spoken word, guitars, drum machines and synthesizers. The music they make together is free-form and raucous, yet tender and personal. - Tone List


The Definitives are the resident band at DADAA Midland. This motley crew of poets and visual artists draw on their lived experience of mental illness to create whimsical vignettes propelled by freewheeling rhythms. The Definitives are Rodney Stone (vocals, lyrics), Lorraine Walker (vocals), Kieth Hayton (bass, lyrics), Shaun Swift (synths, lyrics), Nick Pratt (lap steel), Kristan Martin (guitar), and Eduardo Cossio (drums, synths).

The Definitives are proudly sponsored by Outcome Unknown in partnership with DADAA (Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts Australia).


2024 - Audible Edge Festival of Sound, presented by Tone List at The Bird.

2024 - The Edge of Reality, presented by Outcome Unknown at The Blue Room.

2023 - Nothing About Us Without Us, presented by Mission Australia & Outcome Unknown at Subiaco Arts Centre.

2022 - Audible Edge Festival of Sound, presented Tone List, DADAA, & Safe In Sound at Midland Junction Arts Centre.

Recordings available on Bandcamp.

Contact Outcome Unknown for bookings.

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