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JUNE 27 - JUNE 29


Outcome Unknown presents a diverse cast of adventurous musicians playing at Perth’s finest venues.

Encounter elusive songs and rhythmical ambience at the 459 Bar.

NoizeMachin!! at The Bird brings you a motley crew of mavericks and anti-disciplinarians.


Head down to the Goodwill Club for a night of spontaneous counterpoint, precise articulations, and amorphous sonic meanderings.

459 Bar, June 27, 7pm


Moses & Blue

Phantasis Satanica

The Bird, June 28, 7pm

Co-presented with NoizeMaschin!!

Lia T

Wayan Billiondana

Daley Rangi

Nathan Thompson

Izzy French

Ben Aguero

The Goodwill Club, June 29, 7pm

Jess Carlton Trio

Chris Cobilis
Kate Pass
Michael Terren & Eduardo Cossio


459 Bar: $10-$20 pay scale

The Bird: $5 

Goodwill Club: $15



Poster design by Jessyca Hutchens.

Outcome Unknown acknowledges the support of Tura New Music and NoizeMaschin!!

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